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When we go for hip replacement surgery?

When we go for hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgeons usually diagnose hip arthritis by proper x-ray diagnosis. However, one should notice hip arthritis by the following symptoms:

  1. Pain during exercise can be one of the symptoms of hip pain. If you experience soreness or pain between hip and knee, after an exercise, you should check a doctor.
  2. If someone is having stiffness in the hip and it is hard for him to bend for putting shoes or socks, so it is better to see a specialist.
  3. If you are having a lot of difficulty in your hips while walking for small distances, perhaps you need a hip replacement surgeon by whom you can be prescribed to go through comprehensive diagnosis.
  4. Moreover, a severe problem in standing by one leg can be a cause for a hip disorder.

Procedure for hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgeon goes through the following steps during treatment:

  1. The incision is made either front or side of the hip tissue layers.
  2. Then leaving healthy bone intact, damaged or diseased bone is taken away.
  3. After that prosthetic socket is implanted is pelvic bone and the damaged socket is replaced.
  4. Lastly, the prosthetic ball is replaced with a round ball at the top of your femur.

Dr Rajesh Garg - Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Dubai.

Dr Garg is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon at Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai . He graduated and post graduated from Mumbai, India and did his Mch orthopaedics from United Kingdom and international training in joint replacement and sports injury at Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

Dr Rajesh brings along with him 15years of surgical experience after post graduation at Mumbai, India and MCH Orthopaedics training programme at University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. Dr Garg is an internationally trained and experienced Joint replacement and Arthroscopy orthopaedic surgeon from Max hospital, New Delhi, India. He has a league of more than 3500, successfully done joint replacement surgeries including knee replacement, hip replacement, elbow and shoulder replacement surgeries.

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