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Approach a bone specialist to get optimal treatment of the shoulder fracture

Approach a bone specialist to get optimal treatment of the shoulder fracture

Trauma and very serious injuries can cause a fracture of the glenoid (socket) or humerus (ball) of the shoulder joint. Many injuries are treated with the help of medicine, but the serious problems can only be treated with the help of surgery. For treating some fractures, surgery is required because there is a very high risk of arthritis. Many fractures do not heal completely or heal in the wrong position if proper precautions are not taken. The final decision whether or not a surgery is required is taken by a competent bone specialist in Dubai after examining the condition of the patient.

Most of the shoulder fractures heal within six weeks of the injury. However, it depends on whether the injury is small or serious. Most of the shoulder fractures are non-displaced, that means that the anatomic position is not affected much. In the very serious cases, the surgeons have to make some adjustments in order to restore the normal anatomy. Very often the rotator cuff muscles are torn and injured. Such factors can create complications during the treatment. So, the bone specialist has to thoroughly examine them before starting the treatment.

What can cause shoulder fractures?

Many traumatic events such as a serious automobile accident can culminate into a shoulder fracture. Sports-persons and athletes are also at high risk of fracture. Many players seriously injure themselves after falling to the ground. Such injuries are likely to cause fracture. After receiving a direct hit from a bulky and solid object, the injury can cause a fracture.

There are several symptoms that indicate that the shoulder is fractured:

-Severe shoulder pain




-Bump or any deformity at the site of the fracture

-Inability to move the arm without experiencing any pain

How do bone specialists diagnose and treat the problem?

Most of the non-displaced fractures can be treated through immobilization in a sling. The fracture heals with the passage of time, but it is important to analyze the situation. With the help of modern X-ray examination, it can be determined whether or not sufficient healing has occurred. Only then, the motion exercises can be permitted.

It is extremely important to retain the flexibility of the wrist, elbow and fingers during the fracture treatment. You must take the necessary guidance and tips from the doctor. The patent must commence the shoulder movement only after proper healing. Movement should not be started without proper healing, but very little movement can also result in stiffness. So, consultation is the best method to collect vital details. Consult with the experts of sports injury clinic Dubai to get the best treatment.