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Bring relief to your life after the procedure of the High tibial osteotomy

Bring relief to your life after the procedure of the High tibial osteotomy (HTO)

The procedure that can be used for treating swelling, pain and knee osteoarthritis is known as high tibial osteotomy (HTO). With the help of advanced techniques and promising procedures, it is possible to reduce the pain and suffering. Many patients look for options that can bring relief to their life very quickly. In fact, HTO has emerged as a great option for individuals who are suffering from knee joint osteoarthritis on mostly one side. There are many individuals who want to live a very active life. They want to indulge in activities like cycling and running, for such people HTO is highly recommended. Active people such as cyclists, athletes and hikers with knee arthritis are unable to enjoy their life. So, such people must look for specialized options like HTO.

It is seen that osteoarthritis affects the life of patients in different ways. In some patients, the effect of osteoarthritis is limited to one compartment of the knee. In some cases, the effect is very mild. Everyone has a unique experience with osteoarthritis. The knee has to bear a lot of weight, and if there is some serious deformity in the knee, then it can culminate in some problems. If most of the stress is applied to one side of the knee, then the cartilage on that side starts to degenerate, and as a result, it can become arthritic. Those who have a bowed knee have a higher risk of developing worsening arthritis. It is because the weight or force moves through the inner side of the knee. This issue can also appear in individuals with a valgus deformity or knock knees. You must consult the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai and begin the necessary treatment so that the situation can be stabilized.

Who is the best candidate for the High tibial osteotomy (HTO)?

Such patients are good candidates for the high tibial osteotomy (HTO) who are literally struggling with the inner knee or medial pain. After running, playing tennis, cycling or exercising, if you are struggling with this pain, then just consult with the bone specialist in Dubai and look for solutions.

The procedure of HTO can help you to regain active lifestyle

In the process of HTO, a small cut is made through the part of the tibia. Accordingly, the surgeon analyzes how much cut is to be opened in the tibia (on the basis of how much correction is required to correctly align the leg). The deformity must be treated as soon as it is discovered, or it might worsen with time. The procedure of HTO can bring relief to your life. When the procedure of HTO is applied to minimize the pain and restore alignment, the patient can easily return to their active lifestyle.

After the procedure, you will have to wear a knee brace for a few weeks to protect the knee joints. During the recovery period, you must take extra precautions. The surgeons do analysis of the situation with the help of X-ray examination. It is good to get assistance from a physical therapist.