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Consider bilateral total knee replacement surgery to get more mobility in life

Consider bilateral total knee replacement surgery to get more mobility in life

Those who are struggling with painful conditions such as knee arthritis must look for specialized treatment such as bilateral knee replacement surgery. Pain and other types of discomfort diminish the quality of life. It is possible to find relief in life after undergoing revolutionary procedures. As medical science is developing, effective procedures are developing. The bilateral knee replacement surgery is also referred to as double knee replacement. Instead of going through two different surgeries, all treatment can be done at once.

With the passage of time, bilateral knee replacement surgery has attained enormous popularity. Many patients even admit that not opting for this type of treatment was a mistake from their side. It is a habit of many patients to neglect pain and discomfort for a long duration. They only approach the best knee doctor Dubai when the problem becomes very challenging. Usually, the doctors prefer to treat their patients through non-surgical options at the beginning. There are some simpler methods such as:

-Physical therapy

-Weight loss

-Anti-inflammatory medications

-Specialized injections

There is a very big benefit of bilateral knee replacement surgery, and it is convenient. For many people, it is not easy to undergo two separate knee surgeries. When bilateral knee replacement knee replacement surgery is carried out then, your normal life will not be affected. There will be just one recovery time. Consult a bone specialist in Dubai if you are continuously struggling with knee pain or other discomfort. Many patients use non-surgical treatments for a long duration but in vain. You must consult with the bone specialist if you are struggling with the following symptoms:

-Inflamed and painful knees

-Severe stiffness in the knee joints that makes it impossible for you to straighten or bend the knees

-Pain that lasts for very long duration

-The knees lock up during movement

-Weakness in the knees

-Limited knee movement or instability

-Any minor abnormality seen in the X-ray

There are several important aspects to consider while deciding whether or not the patient is eligible for bilateral knee replacement surgery. The best knee surgeon in Dubai considers aspects such as level of pain, level of problem and patient’s age. If the patient is physically active and has sufficient strength in their ligaments, muscles, then he or she is a perfect candidate for this type of surgery. Healthier people recover very quickly after the surgery is carried out. With the help of medicines, you will start receiving relief from the pain. It will also reduce swelling and prevent blood clots.