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Consult with the best bone specialist to treat knee ligament injury

The knee is a very important part because it bears the entire weight of the body. Any injury or deformity in the knee can cause serious problems. There are several knee ligaments. These ligaments are elastic tissue bands that establish a connection with the bones. The ligaments are also responsible for providing stability and strength to the joints. The four main ligaments are:

Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL - This important ligament controls the forward movement as well as the rotation of the tibia. Its location is in the center of the knee.

Medial Collateral Ligament or MCL - This important ligament helps in ensuring stability in the inner side of the knee.

Lateral Collateral Ligament or LCL - The outer side of the knee gets strength through LCL.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament or PCL - This ligament is responsible for regulating the backward movement of the shin bone or the tibia. It is located at the backside of the knee.

The different types of ligament injuries

When there is some discussion about the ligament injuries, it is classified into collateral ligament injury and cruciate ligament injury.

The collateral ligament injury - When it is a collateral injury, it is the medial ligament that is more vulnerable in comparison to the lateral ligament. When an individual is playing any sport, tear and stretch injuries are likely to happen if there is a blow to the other side of the knee. Schedule your appointment at the best sports injury clinic Dubai and start the treatment.

Cruciate ligament injury - It is important to note that the ACL is vulnerable to injury. Due to any sudden motion or stretching, the ACL can tear. Generally, it is seen that sportspersons and athletes suffer from this injury. You must rely on the best ACL treatment Dubai. Very often, it is seen that any pain does not erupt after the cruciate injury. However, a popping sound is heard that is followed by a buckling of the legs. There is also the possibility of swelling. The symptoms might vary. Approach a competent bone specialist in Dubai and get the best treatment.

Diagnosing the knee ligament injury

The doctors take assistance from modern diagnostic tools. They conduct physical examinations and even access the medical history of the patient. Some of the most modern diagnostic equipment are:

X-Ray examination - Any serious injury is identified with the help of the X-Ray examination. The condition of the bones, organs and internal tissues can be easily examined through X-Ray examination.

MRI - MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. With the help of the diagnostic equipment, any damage to the bones, ligaments surrounding muscles can be identified. It is also possible to identify different types of diseases.

Arthroscopy - This is a diagnostic procedure and is least invasive. With a small incision, an arthroscope is inserted in the joint. Consult with the best knee surgeon in Dubai if any disease or deformity is detected. The expert knee specialist can determine the exact reason behind pain and inflammation.

Medical treatment

Different types of medical treatment can bring you relief. You can use pain killers (after consulting with a doctor) or apply an ice pack. Your doctor can also suggest some exercises to strengthen the muscles.