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Exercise Before Surgery

What about dieting and exercising before surgery?

Maintain a nutritionally sound diet including a variety of foods in preparation for surgery. Crash dieting is not necessary; rather, regular exercise will help control weight and improve overall health.

Exercise before surgery, done within reason, and with-in the capability of the patient, will improve the recov-ery from knee surgery. Therefore, a reasonable exercise program to strengthen your thigh and calf muscles before knee replacement surgery is the best thing you can do to speed up your recovery.

How can exercise before the surgery help my recovery after?

Exercising and strengthening the thigh and leg mus-cles before the operation will result in faster recovery and return to function, with less suffering, struggle, de-pression, and mood swings. Some helpful exercises are described on pages 34-35. Consultation with a physi-cal therapist before surgery can be very useful.

The reason exercise helps is that the knee, even if worn out, is a living joint. Living tissues respond positively to physiologic stress, and exercise is known to improve self-perception, esteem, and outlook.