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First Aid for Common Sports Injuries

Injuries in sports are common and unavoidable. Sometimes the stress and resolve to perform the best take toll on one’s health due to a sudden fall, thud, hit, or even a brawl with the opponent. The important thing in such cases is to know when to take a pause or short break to see how much damage you have sustained. Sometimes a sports injury especially minor ones take time to show symptoms to the player and players tend to ignore them in the heat of the moment. However, if you have got a sudden hit or thud and you are not bleeding or have pain, you must take a break anyway. And in case you have got a serious injury such as joint dislocation, knee injury, bleeding, etc. you must get first aid treatment. Having an effective first aid treatment can prove quite helpful in getting the Sports Injury Treatment in Dubai later. If the sports are being played at the formal level, the responsibility lies with match organizers to keep a response team and first-aid kit available to act promptly. However, being a responsible citizen you must also be aware of basic first aid tips to handle sports injuries. However, keep in mind that no matter how much learn about the first-aid, go for a professional and best orthopedic surgeon in dubai for ultimate solutions.


Bone fractures are common in sports due to a lot of running and playing. If you are a player on the team who has got a bone fracture during play, first aid should be provided immediately but carefully. Make sure they do not move the affected area and try to take the victim to the doctor as soon as possible.

Strains and Sprains

Sprains and Strains happen as a result of inuring soft tissues in the body during the play. They mostly affect parts like knees, elbows, and ankles. In case you have sprained the tissue, stop the play immediately and compress the part with a bandage. Apply ice to reduce swelling and pain. In case the pain doesn’t go away or the swelling continues, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice immediately.

Cuts and Abrasion

Cut and abrasion resulting in open wounds and bleeding are common. In case of a minor cut, wash the wound with clean water and apply a bandage. Apply cold compression to ease in pain and swelling. In case of major injuries in which the wound sustains foreign particles such as dirt or mud, heavy bleeding, the rapture of muscles, etc. acquire immediate medical assistance. Nevertheless, no time should be wasted stopping the bleeding by applying pressure on the wound with a clean piece of cloth or gauze.


Learning CPR skills to provide immediate support to a victim with a serious injury can prove to be life-saving. It is essential for victims that fall unconscious and show no signs of life. If immediate support is not provided in this critical time, the victim may lose his life. Therefore, people who are certified to perform CPR have a major role to play.

Providing first aid is quite important for sports injuries to provide immediate relief. However, we strongly advise our readers to never ignore even a minor injury and to seek medical help for Sports Injury Treatment in Dubai.