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How are state of the art technologies bringing a revolution in knee surgeries

How are state of the art technologies bringing a revolution in knee surgeries?

Nowadays, many patients are struggling with mobility-related problems that spoil their quality of life. Enormous pain and disability bring difficulties in life, but the situation can change after approaching the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai. The experienced orthopedic surgeons utilize the latest technologies to produce the best results. The use of sophisticated technology also brings down the level of risk.

The computer-assisted surgeries are very promising

Advanced computers and other advanced medical equipment play an instrumental role during advanced surgeries. In a surgical setting, the computers-aided technologies help the surgeons to identify the deformity and accordingly, they operate the patient. A naked eye can make wrong predictions, but computer-aided surgeries can be carried out in a near perfect manner. The surgeons recommend patients to undergo surgeries when traditional medical treatment improves to be useless. Computer assisted surgery is very helpful in:

  1. Reducing the level of pain
  2. Ensuring stability of knees
  3. Arthritis
  4. Help with proper alignment of the limb and prosthesis components

Computer-guided systems navigate the surgeon during the steps of surgery. It is possible to identify the possible complications. Just as X-rays proved to be a major boon for medical science, very similarly, computer-guided systems help the surgeons to identify and operate the problem areas. The most experienced and well-versed bone specialists in Dubai prefer using the latest technology in the diagnosis of the ailment.

How advanced computer aided surgeries help the surgeons?

  1. The surgeons easily measure the angle of deformity
  2. The digital images help the surgeons to make appropriate incision
  3. The balancing of the ligaments can be done in a better manner
  4. The knee surgeons get better guidance, and it enables them to make better decisions
  5. The risk of dislocation is reduced considerably
  6. Reduced blood loss during the surgery

Computer assisted surgeries guarantee perfect alignment

A total knee replacement surgery is performed when the operation is the last option, when the knee is damaged beyond repair. A damaged knee can restrict the movement, but a computer-assisted surgery can bring your life on track. With the help of the latest technologies, it has become easy for the surgeons to plan the surgery. Moreover, it also helps the surgeons to predict the outcome of the surgery. The surgeons can also make necessary correction and adjustment to ensure accuracy during surgical steps. In order to ensure the perfect balance, the most sophisticated computer equipment is required during the surgery.

A “cookbook” approach does not work during the surgery. The reason is that human anatomy is variable, and the surgeons need to come up with personalized surgical plans so as to meet the exact requirement of the patient. Hence, the experienced surgeons have started preferring computer-aided technologies over conventional techniques. This also helps in high prosthesis survival rate. The best knee surgeons in Dubai are committed to deliver flawless results. The use of computers, special infrared trackers and other diagnostic tools enable the surgeons to accomplish surgery in a flawless manner. The chances of error are also minimized. The newer techniques are less invasive and hence the patient can expect faster recovery.