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How do shoulder replacement surgery help patients to defeat pain and suffering?

How do shoulder replacement surgery help patients to defeat pain and suffering?

One of the most crucial joints in the body that allows us to manage routine tasks are shoulders. Due to factors like advancing age, many people start experiencing pain or ache in their shoulders. Most people make an effort to reduce the suffering by taking conventional treatment such as painkillers and antibiotics. For minor problems, such treatment solutions might work, but if the pain and suffering is serious, then you should consult with the best shoulder surgeon in Dubai. Surgery has emerged as one of the safest methods to treat severe pain.

It is commonly seen that many people are reluctant to go under the knife. However, if you want to end your suffering, then a concrete step has to be taken. When the problem appears due to factors such as age-related wear and tear, fracture and arthritis, then shoulder surgery is beneficial. Please note that shoulder surgeries are a proven and tested treatment method. The shoulder surgeries have attained enormous popularity as they help to treat painful conditions and even very serious rotator injuries.

Why is shoulder replacement a preferred choice?

Adjusting life with pain is very irritating, and in order to reduce our suffering, most of us look for a line of defense. In case you have already tried nonsurgical treatment options like steroid injections and medicine without receiving good results, consider the option of shoulder replacement. It is important to learn about such conditions that can become serious and then the patient has to undergo surgery.

Due to advancing age, the cartilage that cushions the bones becomes weak due to wear and tear. As the bones rub each other, pain and stiffness starts erupting. It also limits the mobility of shoulder joints.

The conditions like ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain and stiffness. There can be loss of cartilage with the passage of time.


In the shoulder, there are three bones - shoulder blade (scapula), the upper arm bone (humerus) and the collarbone (clavicle). In case these bones are damaged in any accident, then it can become difficult to fit everything together and ensure blood supply is not affected. Only surgery can help in such conditions.

The importance of understanding the shoulder anatomy

In the shoulder, you can find the ball and socket joint. The round surface of one bone settles easily inside the depression of another bone that permits flexibility as well as freedom of movement. In the process of surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged parts of the shoulder, and they are replaced with the prosthesis.

Who should seriously consider the total shoulder replacement surgery?

Life is beautiful when you are free to participate in all activities. If excessive pain is interfering in your lifestyle, or you are unable to participate in activities due to lack of mobility, just consider total shoulder replacement surgery. When the pain becomes unbearable, then surgery is the best option. If pain is not responding to medication, then consult with the experienced bone specialist in Dubai. Through shoulder surgery, you can reduce joint pain and enhance mobility. Moreover, it also becomes possible to treat shoulder deformities.