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Knee replacement surgery - The ultimate and most promising solution for serious deformities

Knee replacement surgery - The ultimate and most promising solution for serious deformities

Medical science is making rapid progress and new discoveries, pioneering techniques are bringing relief to the lives of patients. Life becomes a hell when the mobility of the body is lost. Extreme discomfort and restrictive movement can become a big problem in life. You must consult an expert doctor and learn what has made your life so difficult? If surgery is necessary, just make an appointment with an expert surgeon.

Knee problems can ruin the smoothness of your life and, surgery is the last alternative

It is mostly seen that deformities appear in the body when the patients fall in the age group of 50-60 years. Age-related degeneration of joints leads to primary osteoarthritis. The joints also get damaged, even at a young age when any underlying disease such as rheumatoid arthritis is present. Any other inflammatory arthritis is also an indication that some problem is present. In some cases where the medicines do not work, surgery is the last and best option. You must schedule an appointment with the best doctor for knee surgery.

Sportspeople must take care of their knees

Athletes and sportspersons are prone to knee injuries. It is often seen that people active in sports encounter some knee-related problems in the long run. Excessive exertion and weak condition of the knees could even lead to an ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament). Many players get injured while practicing or during the game. If the injury is very serious, knee replacement is the sole alternative.

What could happen in the absence of proper treatment?

Knee discomfort and stiffness could make it difficult to walk. It becomes difficult to climb the stairs, get in and out of cars and even use a chair. It becomes hard to participate in social activities. You must look for proper sports injury treatment in Dubai. In the beginning, the pain appears to be moderate, but problems like chronic knee edema and inflammation do not go away with simple medicines or by taking some rest. In some cases, a visible arch is visible. It clearly indicates the presence of a deformity.

Different types of knee surgeries

As per the condition, the surgeon can suggest different types of knee surgeries.

  1. Patellofemoral replacement - It is recommended for patients who are suffering from chronic knee cap arthritis. Only the undersurface of the kneecap is removed in this type of surgery.
  2. Partial/unicondylar knee replacement - When the arthritis affects only one side of the knee, then it is the best option. However, it is recommended that the knee ligaments should be robust, and the rest of the cartilage should be normal. A very small incision is required for knee replacement.
  3. Complex knee replacement - Patients who are suffering from severe arthritis need to undergo this procedure.

Consult expert surgeons while searching for a total knee replacement near me. The patient can easily walk with the help of crutches or walkers very soon after the surgery. Physical therapy sessions will bring more flexibility in your life. The doctors discharge the patient very soon (within 3-4 days) but the patient must take bed rest. Physical therapy sessions are taken for a few days.