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Knee surgery The best treatment to regain your lost mobility

Knee surgery - The best treatment to regain your lost mobility

Are you experiencing difficulty in performing simple routine tasks such as climbing stars, walking and running? Even if the pain and discomfort are not very severe, take necessary actions. This is a clear indication that there is some problem with the knees, and it is time to approach the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, Dr Rajesh Garg. Every section of the body is important. Some internal organs perform functions necessary to support life and some external organs enable us to move, lift objects and perform our desired tasks.

If the knee joints are damaged or worn-out due to any medical condition, the total knee replacement is the sole alternative. Artificial implants made of plastic and metal can relieve you from intense pain. However, the decision regarding total knee replacement surgery should be taken only after proper consultation with expert doctors. Thanks to advancement in medical science, superior surgical procedures have been developed. Now, artificial elements can be integrated within the body to retain its normal capabilities. With the help of the best physical aids, it is possible to improve the mobility of the patients. Just make an appointment with the best doctor for knee surgery.

The need for a knee replacement surgery

There are many patients who look for non-invasive measures. However, such patients whose knee joints are damaged by trauma, progressive arthritis or some other rare disease, then surgery is the last option. Also, knee replacement is the last option if a patient is suffering from severe osteoarthritis. Competent surgeons help the patients to reclaim their lost mobility. Afterwards, the patients can easily continue with their routine activities. The modern knee replacement surgery is very promising, and the entire treatment procedure is literally hassle-free.

The medical evaluation of the patient

After it is decided that the patient is ready to undergo knee replacement surgery, the doctors will analyze the patient’s medical history. A complete examination is carried out several days before the operation. The doctors pay special attention to this aspect because the health of an individual should be evaluated. In case the patient is suffering from some chronic medical condition, it should be ensured that the issue will not create any problem in the long run.

Test and medicines

The best surgeons proceed in a cautious and systemic manner. A patient has to undergo check-ups and tests as well. On the basis of the results of such tests, the orthopedic surgeon plans the surgery. Such patients who are already taking medicines for other problems should inform the surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon can ask the patient to temporarily halt consuming some specific medicines. Look for a total knee replacement near me facility that has made its presence felt. A good knee replacement surgeon ensures that the patients get freedom from all pain and discomfort.

Adjustment in life after the successful accomplishment of the surgery

Adjust your domestic premises after the surgery because for the next few days certain precautions have to be taken. The orthopedic surgeon will recommend some painkillers. You will also be asked to perform exercises as recommended by a physiotherapist. Avoid activities such as driving, standing and lifting.