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Receive proper treatment for biceps tendon injuries to improve quality of life

Receive proper treatment for biceps tendon injuries to improve quality of life

There are two tendons in the biceps muscles and they are attached to the bones of the shoulder. One of the tendons is attached with the radius bone at the elbow. At the front of the upper arm the biceps muscle is located. Different types of injuries can cause health problems to appear. The tendons are very robust but due to overuse, they are likely to become painful and sore. Due to repetitive motion, problems like tendonitis are also likely to appear. Many professional swimmers, tennis players, baseball players as well as golfers are at the risk of tendonitis. The problem of tendonitis can appear due to serious and sudden load to the tendon.

The biceps tendonitis is very painful but relief can be obtained through proper treatment. The swelling can be reduced with the help of ice packs. If you are suffering from tremendous pain, the doctor will suggest you take proper rest. It is important to note that you should not engage in tasks such as heavy lifting. Just consult with the best shoulder surgeon in Dubai if the pain is unbearable. It is possible to get relief with the help of physical therapy. If it is a case of tendonitis without a tear then the doctor can suggest some specialized medicine. Certainly, it will halt the inflammatory process. Subsequently, the tendon will come back to the path of healing.

Many patients who have undergone the surgery for tendonitis admit that it is now possible for them to move their arms without expecting any pain. In fact, the patients regain the full range of motion. In many cases, surgery is the last and best option. With the help of the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, it is easy to conclude whether or not the patient needs some surgery.

In most of the cases, tendonitis is caused due to overuse. Hence, the health experts and expert surgeons recommend that prevention is the best option. The patient must not participate in such activities that trigger the problems. While indulging in any physical activity, the patient should not not apply enormous force. If you are experiencing any unusual pain then please stop because it could aggravate the situation. Many patients suffer from severe medical conditions because of their poor techniques and posture. Whether you are playing some sports or doing some work, please take care of your posture. Poor posture is likely to trigger many types of problems. If the problem is serious and the quality of life is diminished due to loss of mobility then consult a bone specialist in Dubai.

Watch the symptoms of the biceps tendon tear

It is important to note that severe and sudden pain is the most common symptom that indicates biceps tendon tear. How much injury the patient has received? Where the tendon is injured? All these important aspects must be considered and discussed with the specialist. Some patients claim that they hear a “pop” when the tendon tears. A sharp pain at the shoulder or elbow can also create problems. You should not ignore symptoms such as weakness in the elbow or shoulder.