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The role of total shoulder replacement surgery in improving quality of life

The role of total shoulder replacement surgery in improving quality of life

One of the largest and most important joints in the body is the shoulder. Several types of pains and aches appear in the shoulder due to advancing age. Not all the time, you will get relief from conventional treatment like painkillers, antibiotics and injections. If the problem is very minor, then the aforementioned medications will work, but for serious pain and injuries, you have to undergo a surgery. Shoulder replacement surgery is a very promising option because it helps to relieve the pain. In the last few years, this surgery has attained widespread popularity because it helps to resolve the issues that are related to the shoulder.

The procedure of the shoulder replacement surgery

Due to recent advancements in medical science, artificial components known as prosthesis have been developed. During the shoulder replacement surgery, the damaged parts of the shoulder are removed, and they are replaced with the prosthesis. With the help of the latest surgical techniques and other artificial components, it is possible to reduce the level of pain. The surgeons decide the appropriate treatment as per the condition of the patient. In some cases, only the head of the humerus bone is replaced. In other cases, both the ball and the socket (glenoi) are replaced. Consult with a good bone specialist in Dubai if the problem is very serious, and you need immediate treatment.

What are the conditions in which shoulder replacement becomes a necessity?

Most of the patients who undergo shoulder replacement surgery want to get relief from intense pain. With the passage of the time, there is arthritic wear and tear. It could lead to cartilage of the shoulder being compromised. Due to bone-to-bone interaction, issues are likely to appear. Moreover, if there is a need to restore motion. Some people admit that their lifestyle has changed due to the eruption of enormous pain. They are unable to participate in activities due to the lack of mobility. In such conditions, shoulder replacement surgery is necessary.

There are other reasons and factors for which you can be asked to undergo shoulder replacement surgery. If there is some severe shoulder fracture, then it is necessary to undergo shoulder replacement surgery. There are different types of shoulder fractures such as scapula fracture, proximal humerus fracture, and clavicle fracture. Due to fracture, there is a possibility of extreme swelling. The capacity of the body is limited due to non-stop shoulder pain. Just consult with the best shoulder surgeon in Dubai and get some advice regarding the future steps. The total shoulder replacement surgery is not an ordinary treatment, and during the recovery stage the patient is likely to experience some pain. However, there is no need to worry because simple medication can be used for controlling the level of pain.

The benefit of total replacement surgery:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Enhanced mobility
  • The shoulder deformity is corrected
  • The shoulder limb strength is restored
  • More mobility enhances freedom and the quality of life is improved


The rehabilitation procedure

With the help of a well-planned rehabilitation procedure, you can reclaim the lost quality of life. The postoperative rehabilitation procedure can help you to get relief from excruciating pain. Do not drive any vehicle after the surgery.