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Why should the patent consider the option of partial knee replacement surgery

Why should the patent consider the option of partial knee replacement surgery?

A deformity or serious problem in the knee could interfere in your routine lifestyle. Thanks to the advancement of medical science, discovery of new methods, new inventions, it has become possible for doctors to treat the problems of the patient. A partial knee replacement surgery is a procedure in which prosthetics are used to replace the damaged parts of the knee joints. In comparison to the total knee replacement surgery, partial knee replacement surgery has a shorter recovery period. As the implants are small, a very small incision is required.

Such people who are suffering from the following problems can consider the partial knee replacement surgery:

  • Just one compartment of the knee is damaged
  • Patient who are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee
  • The pain in the knee is not responding to the medicines
  • Continuation of the pain despite embracing a healthy lifestyle and balanced weight

You must consult a bone specialist in Dubai in case pain and impiared mobility are affecting the quality of your life. With the help of modern technology, it is possible to determine the level of the problem. When it is confirmed that there is some serious deformity that requires surgical measures, then the patient must opt for partial knee surgery. Often, the patients try to treat the symptoms through medicines, by controlling weight and through moderate exercising. However, when these methods don’t deliver results, then surgery is the best alternative. The surgeons also take other factors into consideration such as the age of the patient, severity of the condition. When the mobility of the body is affected, it certainly affects the quality of life.

What can you expect from the partial knee replacement surgery?

The surgeons examine the condition of the knee and then perform the procedure. After the surgery, the patient can be asked to stay in hospital for a few days as per the situation. After the surgery is carried out, the patient may feel minimal pain and swelling, but it goes away very soon. The recovery time of the partial knee surgery is a few weeks. With the help of some exercises and physiotherapy, the patient can strengthen the knee muscles. Such activities are part of the rehabilitation program. Consult with the best knee doctor Dubai and also discuss how to manage life after the surgery. The patient must regularly take all the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

The precautions that must be taken after the partial knee replacement surgery:

  • Activities such as jumping and running should be avoided
  • Maintain distance from high impact activities as well as aerobics

The development of new surgical techniques is bringing hope to the life of patients. The patients who undergo partial knee surgery feel more normal in comparison to those who opt for total knee replacement. The reason behind such an experience is that the geometry of the knee remains intact. The ligaments guide the knee in a natural manner. The expert surgeons make use of the latest diagnostic equipment to examine the compartments of the knee. Obviously, there is no need to replace the healthier compartments of the knee. Just take an appointment with the best knee surgeon in Dubai and proceed with the best treatment to bring more freedom in life.