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Working from Home? Pay attention to Backcare !

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to leave their workstation and work from home to stay safe. Public healthcare experts from all over the world advise people to adapt to new post-COVID-19 life as there is no surety about when the pandemic will end. In this scenario, work from home has become a new reality. It is high time we think of ideas to make our work from home more productive and healthy. Though many terms this way of work more enjoyable as they get to spend time with their families as well, many terms it hazardous for health. It not only isolates one from social life but also makes one sit at one for a long time causing a lot of pressure on the backbone. Though you indeed have to sit in the office at the same time, the office furniture is designed to be more suitable to sit for long hours without exerting pressure on your bones. That’s the reason why the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, Dr. Rajesh Garg advises his patients to pay attention to their posture and seating place while working from home. When it comes to backache, posture matters a lot. If you are sitting in a bad posture, you are backache is bound to suffer. In this post, we have gathered some tips to help you stay safe from backache.

Invest in an ergonomic Chair

Investing in an ergonomic chair for your home office is the best decision ever. This specific kind of chair is designed to make sitting comfortable and give due support to the back for extended periods. You can easily get this chair from the market.

Make Support

If you have less space or don’t want to spend extra on an ergonomic chair, you need to get a bit more creative. Instead of just using a simple dining chair that comes without the lumbar support, put a cushion or towel behind your lower back for support. You can also get a support cushion available at the medical stores to give your backbone a little support while sitting for long hours.

Take a Break

Working from home can keep you glued to your desk for hours in the absence of proper tea or lunch breaks as in the office. At the office, you are most likely to get called from your desk by your supervisor or colleague or go for a meeting. However, at home, you have to make the habit of getting up from your desk once an hour to stretch your legs, take your eyes off the screen, and allow your back to relax a bit.

Back Pain

In case you grow pain in the back from sitting up too long, try heating pads for relief. However, if the pain persists, don’t hesitate to seek the expert advice of the expert bone specialist in Dubai – Dr. Rajesh Garg.