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Best Center For PRP Therapy

The platelet-rich plasma or the PRP has become a safe and effective treatment for various types of orthopedic conditions. Health experts and surgeons are looking for effective techniques that help patients to get rid of enormous pain. In the PRP treatment, the patient’s own blood components are used. So, there is no chance that any side effect will appear during or after the therapy. The platelet rich plasma treatment for sports injuries has attained widespread popularity.

The PRP treatment therapy is very promising

After opting for platelet rich plasma treatment for sports injuries, the patients notice a remarkable reduction in knee stiffness, swelling and pain. The patients experience excellent results after receiving 2-3 PRP shots. The PRP treatment is very effective in managing pain associated with the knee. At our best center for PRP therapy, we make use of promising techniques to deliver lasting results. Dr. Rajesh Garg and his team take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the patients are satisfied with the treatment.

The superb benefits of receiving platelet-rich plasma treatment for sports injuries are as follows:

The knee PRP therapy

The knee PRP therapy is not complex and time-consuming. The doctor draws a small volume of blood from the vein that is then placed in the centrifuge. It takes a few minutes in the process of isolating the platelets. In order to accelerate healing and reduce the pain, the platelet-rich plasma is injected in the knees. The process appears to be very simple, but only expert practitioners are capable of administering this type of treatment.

Who is an ideal candidate for the knee PRP therapy?

PRP therapy for tendon injuries

The tendon injuries are very common as they are commonly associated with recreational activities and sports. A tendon injury can affect your activity and quality of life. Consider PRP therapy for tendon injuries. Traditionally, the minor tendon injuries were treated with simple options such as therapies. Today advanced methods such as PRP therapy for tendon injuries are used. PRP therapy is used extensively for treating acute and chronic tendon injuries. After the procedure is carried out, the process of tissue repair gets accelerated, and it activates natural healing responses. Please do not participate in strenuous activities such as running and lifting. Do not put excessive strain on the treated area.

Look no further than us if you are searching for the best center for PRP therapy. We have the best infrastructure and most skilled doctors in our team. Our competent and skilled team makes use of cutting-edge treatment techniques and ensures the patient is receiving appropriate care. Before administering PRP treatment, our team also evaluates the health of the patient. Feel free to contact us and learn more about PRP therapy to bring more comfort to your life.